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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Study smart...

Its time to for me to study...but still have time for blogging....hehe....Actually just want to update my boring blog to have some glitter when people read..:D...Em, still have 4 paper left... Cannot wait anymore...want it over faster!  This is my examination paper that i take for these semester ;

- Tour Planning & Design
- Fundamental Of Tourism
 - Computer Reservation System
- Computerized Fares & Ticketing
- Mandarin Language for Tourism
- Business Etiquette & communication skill
- Human Relations & Supervision in Tourism

 7 subject is overall subject that I`ve take for this semester.. Hope can get more A or B for this examination..Amin... Next Sunday, business etiquette paper,..want to read some more notes to get ready in this paper..ehehe...

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